Wednesday, 23 January 2013


This is my first post with and small clipping of a book that i am writing every couple of weeks i will be posting a new snippet from one of my books and seeing what you guys think of it.

"Whoever is reading this journal you are now my legacy, go out and tell the people my tale, as it is proof that neither “God” or the “Devil” are real, they are not here to control our lives, they are neither creators or destroyers of this world, they are just incredibly powerful celestial entities that we should not owe our love and respect to but our sadness and pity as they may be immensely powerful but they are just as scared and confused by our creation as we are. It is for this reason that they choose to attack this world.

In many ways they are more or less “Human”. For instance if they do not understand something, they will try to control it and if they cannot control it they will try to destroy it. Pathetic really, all that power but barely more knowledgeable than we are."

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